Utilizing WordPress as a Platform for Web Development

Building a website with WordPress requires less of coding skills and more of your interest. If you are able to make yourself comfortable with WordPress, it’ll take you less than a week or even a weekend what could have occurred if you have to build a website from scratch. WordPress popularity as a content management system is used more by bloggers. 24% of websites globally rely on WordPress. WordPress isn’t the only existing platforms out there, you should be interested in why you should use WordPress for web design rather than Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace, or Wix?
One of the reasons why you should pitch your tent with WordPress is the ease of use. When it comes to WordPress for web development, learning to use and update is quite an ease. It is recommended to use WordPress due to the fast and easy learning curve compared to other CMS. In updating your website, WordPress gives you all the tools that are needed. No need for contacting the IT department or outsourcing to a developer. Just log in to your WordPress website, update immediately and the changes will reflect immediately.

WordPress has a global community that provides support. There’s a lot of security and support to utilize using WordPress. For a decade, a there’s a huge popularity and followership that keeps growing every day. With this ever-growing community of developers, help and support sites are abound on the internet. You can always consult forums and support sites that will provide solutions for any problem encountered. There’s no loss of resources that are essential to your problems as regards WordPress for web development.

Looking from another perspective, there’s always a plug in to solve most of the problems you’ll encounter in using WordPress. Are you trying to optimize metadata on each page? Or interested in making your website load faster? Maybe you plan to link an external form to your website? Or you are trying to extract emails from newsletter signups? There will always be a plug-in and WordPress extension that provides the extended capabilities that are needed for optimum performance. Plugins are intended to create a swift and seamless experience for your website. The beauty of it is that these plugins are usually free, if not totally free.

WordPress is not intended for only the people but also Search Engines. Optimizing WordPress websites for the traffic and ranking is quite an easy task. WordPress plays nicely with Search Engine Optimization, always attractive to search engines for crawling. Just look for plugins that are easily integrated with SEO data. There are several plugins that make metadata descriptions, HI Titles and tags seamless without issues. Just search for the best SEO plugins that provide access to the optimization of websites.

As webs developers, we are of the opinion that WordPress is not just easy for developers, even newbies can utilize WordPress. With the range of tools, support, and options available, WordPress is a great option for techies and non-techies alike.